Draft NSW Resident Guide – Stakeholder


The Health Education & Training Institute (‘HETI’) has written to ASMOF asking for our input in a draft Resident Guide.    

The Resident Guide is the next phase of a HETI initiative to provide greater educational support to prevocational doctors. It builds on the foundation provided by the Intern Guide which was released to the NSW health system in August 2016.

The Resident Guide supports the continued education and training of residents throughout post graduate year two (PGY2). The aim is to facilitate the integration and consolidation of medical knowledge and skills to enable residents to undertake more autonomous clinical practice within healthcare teams.

It is important for members to provide input into the Guide and we would like you to send us your comments.

There are two documents that members whose wish to comment should read:

The Draft NSW Resident Guide, and

Mapping of NSW Resident Guide Draft Learning Outcomes.

Comments should be directed to Kerrie Seymour at kerries@asmof.org.au by close of business Friday 15 December 2017.