DRAFT POLICY FOR CONSULTATION: Credentialing and Defining Clinical Privileges for Senior Medical and Dental Practitioners in NSW Health



ASMOF has been informed by the Ministry of Health (‘Ministry’) that the Ministry is reviewing Policy Directive 2005_497 – Visiting Practitioners and Staff Specialists Delineation of Clinical Privileges. The Ministry has accordingly provided a copy of its revised draft policy to ASMOF for consultation.

The following documents are provided:
  1. Draft policy – MoH Consultation Draft – Jan 2017 PD
  2. Current policy - PD 2005_497 – Visiting Practitioners and Staff Specialists Delineation of Clinical Privileges
  3. Referenced policy – PD 2015_026 – Recruitment and Selection of Staff to the NSW Health Service

You will see that the draft policy provided contains a number of specific consultation questions, namely:
  • Consultation question 1: Should this policy directive set out any additional requirements regarding membership of the Credentials (Clinical Privileges) Subcommittee or is this a matter for local decision making? [page 9]
  • Consultation question 2: Is the information contained in Appendix A appropriate? [page 11]
  • Consultation question 3: Does PD2015_26 provide appropriate guidance in relation to the credentialing of practitioners that provide services across PHOs? Should any further guidance be included on the credentialing of such practitioners? [please refer to page 14 for further details]
  • Consultation question 4: What approach should be taken in relation to this requirement? [please refer to page 16 for further details]
  • Consultation question 5: Is the information detailed under Appendix B appropriate? [page 17]
ASMOF is seeking your feedback on the above consultation questions. Comments on any other aspects of the draft policy is also welcome. Please send your comments to tiffanyt@asmof.org.au by no later than COB Friday, 26th May 2017, to ensure that your feedback* is included in the ASMOF response letter to the Ministry.

*Feedback will be de-identified.