Emergency Department Workforce Reference Group

The EDWRG is commencing its work again in 2013.

ASMOF was recently contacted by the Ministry of Health with confirmation that the Emergency Department Workforce Reference Group (‘EDWRG’) will meet this year on at least four occasions.  

The EDWRG is established to provide the Ministry with advice on strategic Emergency Department workforce issues and projects as may be referred to it.  Oversight of the implementation and evaluation of the Emergency Department Workforce Analysis Tool (‘EDWAT’) will continue to be a key task. 

A number of Emergency Physicians, along with other occupational groupings who work in Emergency Departments, are on the group and membership is intended to reflect a range of LHDs, including rural and metropolitan settings and differing size and role delineation.  In addition, public health unions have been provided with an opportunity to nominate one representative each to additionally participate on the EDWRG.  

As the first meeting is later this month, State Executive/Council is interested to hear your views regarding this representation. Any thoughts about the EDWRG or its make-up should be forwarded to dennisr@asmof.org.au