Emergency Physicians' Allowance




Emergency Physicians are aware that Policy Directive PD 2016_006 only provides for the special remuneration (the ED Allowance) provided by that Policy Directive to apply until July 2017.

To ensure the continuation of this important component of Emergency Physicians’ remuneration, and a vital element in attracting and retaining Emergency Physicians, ASMOF has requested the Ministry to confirm it will continue the arrangement indefinitely.

Although some of the workforce issues which need to be considered along with the ED Allowance have not been totally resolved, and the method of payment six months in arrears remains problematic, ASMOF considers retaining the entitlement to be the priority at this time. These can be agitated more effectively if the Ministry declines to extend the allowance as requested.

It is noted that ASMOF has not received the same volume of complaints about delayed payments this year as previously so it is hoped that this is due to an improved processing method which was discussed with the Ministry on the last occasion that the term of the ED Allowance was extended.

The Ministry’s reply will be provided when it is received.