Emergency Physicians’ Allowance Guaranteed for a further Two Years until June 2019




Further to ASMOF’s advice last week that as a result of the Ministry of Health’s failure to respond to ASMOF’s letter of 17th February seeking the continuation of the ED Allowance (preferably indefinitely), we notified the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW of a dispute.

This dispute was listed before Chief Commissioner Kite at 11.30 on 31st May. Amazingly, ASMOF received a letter at about 10.00am on 31st May (attached) which proposed extending the ED Allowance for a further two years until June 2019, but sought to have discussions about the conditions associated with payment of the ED Allowance.

ASMOF Industrial staff assisted by Senior Staff Specialist FACEM & State Councillor Dr Tony Joseph had preliminary discussions with the Ministry’s representative, who indicated that the “conditions” they sought to discuss would not seek to make the application of the ED Allowance more onerous, but rather to ensure that the conditions reflected contemporary practice.

A small but representative group of Emergency Physicians and ASMOF Staff will arrange to meet with the Ministry as soon as possible.

ASMOF thanks the many Emergency Physicians who took the time to raise this issue directly, and also the Industrial Relations Commission: it appears that the direct involvement of Members coupled with the Dispute Notification having been allocated to the Senior Commissioner has had the desired effect of having a positive response eventually wrenched from the Ministry.

Should the discussions regarding the conditions associated with the continuation of the ED Allowance not proceed promptly and positively, ASMOF will again seek the assistance of the Industrial Relations Commission.