Extra Public Holidays NSW Health Employees (excluding Ambulance Service of NSW)



HealthShare has written to ASMOF to propose the date for the extra public holiday that is traditionally allocated for a date between Christmas and New Year. As members would be aware, the current public holidays over the Christmas/New Year period are:
  • Christmas Day - Monday 25 December 2017
  • Boxing Day - Tuesday 26 December 2017
  • New Year’s Day - Monday, 1 January 2018

The Extra Public Holiday is proposed for Friday, 29 December 2017.

This would effectively create a 4-day weekend over the Christmas/New Year period.

Note: The exclusion of Ambulance Service employees from this proposal is due to the separate processes undertaken by the Ambulance Service to determine when the extra public holiday is given. The date may well be a different day for Ambulance Service employees.