Fair Treatment campaign - help get the Dubbo treatment centre over the line


ASMOF NSW is a proud partner in the Fair Treatment campaign which aims to reduce the harm caused by personal use of illegal drugs. The campaign asserts that ‘we have lost the war on drugs’ and proposes a different approach to:

  • increase investment in evidence-based drug harm reduction and demand reduction strategies, including pill testing; and
  • decriminalise personal possession and use of illegal drugs.

Alcohol and other drug treatment services are failing to meet demand everywhere, but especially in Dubbo. The documentary, Half a Million Steps, told the stories of people desperately needing more treatment services in the Dubbo region.

A Dubbo drug rehabilitation centre is close to being approved - the Federal Government have given $3 million towards construction costs and the Council have donated the land - it's now up to the State Government to chip in via the State Budget on 17 November.

The NSW Government is close to committing the recurrent funding needed for the Dubbo centre in the upcoming Budget. But we need your help so construction can get started. Call your MP now.

A phone call to your MPs office is an easy way to let them know the community cares about the issue. You can find what electorate you live in here and the contact details for your local MP here. You can help Dubbo get a much-needed increase in alcohol and other drug treatment services in the upcoming NSW Budget.

Here's some points you can make when you call:

  • Identify yourself and that you are a doctor.
  • You are concerned about access to alcohol and other drug treatment services.
  • Up to 500,000 people are turned away from treatment every year. Studies are showing this situation is only getting worse due to COVID-19, particularly for drugs like cannabis and alcohol.
  • A treatment centre in Dubbo is being desperately sought by the Dubbo Regional Council and the local community. The Federal Government have provided $3 million and the Council have provided the land. The State Government needs to provide the recurrent funding.
  • This is a key issue for the NSW Budget.
  • Investment in treatment services needs to double.
  • The return on this investment will be about 7 times what is invested in terms of savings on health/justice down the track as well as helping people be their best and contribute to society.

If you do call, why not let the Uniting Advocacy team know.

Please help the Dubbo community and everyone who is waiting for treatment. Please call your MP now.