Feedback on TESL Draft


State Council reviews your feedback.

ASMOF State Council at its meeting this week considered the feedback received from members after a draft state-wide TESL PD was distributed to members directly under the cover of correspondence from the President of ASMOF NSW some one month ago. 

Overall, most feedback received acknowledged the work done and the benefits of having a state-wide consistent policy.  Having said that State Council noted that several questions and issues had been identified, which seemed to have considerable merit at first glance.  Accordingly, State Council has endorsed the TESL sub-committee to undertake further work on the feedback and establish what matters might be subject to further discussion with the Ministry. 

In short, some of the more ‘popular’ topics that arose from the feedback included the following:

-  Issues and associated matters pertaining to accrual and allocation of TESL days to part timers;

-  Home based study;

-  Issues pertaining to the IT equipment etc permitted to be provided to Level 1s;

-  The provision of eight (8) weeks’ notice to ‘guarantee’ payment/reimbursement prior to travel; and

-  Internal inconsistencies in the draft and examples provided (along with a variety of grammar/wording issues).

Further updates will be provided as this process of review and discussion with the Ministry progresses. 

State Council expressed appreciation to all members who provided feedback and helped to identify issues that warranted further consideration.