Get Healthy at Work


The Workers Health Centre has developed a partnership with the team from Population Health at Western Sydney Local Health District.

We are pleased to assist them in promoting their programs. During COVID19 the mental health of members is a particular issue and the Get Healthy at Work program has a particular focus on this issue.

This is a free program that aims to improve the health of working adults and reduce the prevalence of chronic disease by helping them make small changes to modifiable lifestyle risk factors and create healthy workplace environments.

As part of the program, members are offered a free and confidential online Healthy Lifestyle Check. In addition to mental ill-health your members can find out about their risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. They will also receive advice on some simple changes they can make to improve their health, and those identified as high-risk will be provided with referrals to a lifestyle health program and other health services.

brochure here