Grade Step Progression for Medical Officers in NSW Public Health


Grade Step Progression for Medical Officers in NSW Public Health

Healthshare have provided communication in regards to how your incremental step progression is managed. You can read more here. They have advised that the communication has been sent to all Workforce Units, Medical Workforce Units and Medical Officers.

There are three basic incremental progression rules:

1. Completion of one year (365 days) at the employees current grade
2. Completion of 1982 hours where employees are casual or part time
3. Leave without pay more than 28 consecutive calendar days delays increment

In order to increment to the next years pay scale, medical officers need to have completed:

A minimum of 365 days at their current grade
1982 hours (38 hours per week) at their current grade


Healthshare has advised, that end of clincal year occurred on 4 February 2018. Some employees may be due to increment to the next years’ pay grade on or around this date. GSP is an automated process that requires payroll data to deterine if an eployee is entitled to increment. Any increase due will be applied to the employee in the following pay run and retrospective payments made.

Example: A full-time employee that has an anniversary date of 5 February 2018 and is paid on Pay Cycle 2, this pay period ends on 11 February 2018. Stafflink will apply changes at the the end of this pay period where the employee is due to increment. Any retrospective payments will be paid in the pay period ending 25 February 2018 (pay date 1 March 2018).

This does effectively cause an underpayment of wages in the first instance, however it will be paid retrospectively in the 1 March 2018 pay period. If this situation puts you in financial hardship, and/or you have direct debit arrangements with financial instutions based on the increase, then you should contact your manager in the first instance or Payroll Customer Services via 1300679367 and they will ensure that payment is made promptly.

Should you experience any difficulties in getting the correct grading and/or payment you should contact Kerrie Seymour via email