Great win for JMOs at Byron Central



ASMOF has had a great win for medical officers who are seconded to work at Byron Central Hospital by ensuring they get paid the higher secondment allowance in accordance with the Public Hospital Medical Officers (State) Award 2018.

Until our intervention medical officers who were seconded there were not being paid the higher secondment allowance.

Under the Award a medical officer (other than an intern) seconded to work in certain rural hospitals listed in the Award will have their salary increased by one incremental step, by way of allowance, for the period they work at the hospital.

Unfortunately, Byron Central, which was opened in 2016 was not listed in the Award.

ASMOF argued that Byron Central should be captured, just like Lismore and Tweed Heads, and members working at Byron Central should not be disadvantaged because the Award had not been updated.

To the credit of NSW Health, they agreed with our argument and agreed that medical officers seconded there will be paid the allowance. They also agreed to our demand that all medical officers who have worked there since it opened should get a retrospective payment.

If you are currently seconded to Byron Central, or have been seconded to Byron Central, and have not been paid the higher secondment allowance please contact Kerrie Seymour via