Great win for members with Pre-97 Study and Conference Leave



For our members who have Pre-97 Study and Conference Leave, ASMOF has an industrial relations Christmas present for you.

Last Thursday, the Ministry wrote to ASMOF accepting our proposal, which consisted of the following:

  1. Entitlement — Pre-97 Study and Conference leave to be recorded in StaffLink (this is the current practice).
  2. Funding — an amount equivalent to the 'daily' TESL entitlement for a Level 1 Staff Specialist, which is $1400 per day.
  3. Limitations — that the leave entitlement remains for the length of employment but funding for pre-97 leave entitlements only to be available for seven years from the date on which agreement is reached with the Union on funding. This is to encourage Staff Specialists to use any pre-97 accrued leave entitlement within a seven-year period.
  4. If a Staff Specialist wishes to query their pre-1997 TESL balance this can be done initially with the relevant Health Agency and then if necessary by the Union raising the matter with the Ministry.
  5. The Ministry will consult with the Union about appropriate information and communication suitable for Staff Specialists, TESL administrators and others involved in managing TESL and TESL funding for Staff Specialists.

As members will recall, ASMOF has been negotiating with the Ministry of Health for several years regarding the conversion and use of Pre-97 TESL. Over the last year, ASMOF has been actively involved in assessing the data regarding the entitlement, and workshopping how to convert the balances so that our members can finally access this longstanding entitlement.

ASMOF has responded to the Ministry accepting the proposal. We will update members in the New Year regarding the access to and use of your Pre-97.