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Hall Payne LawyersASMOF NSW

Services now available to members.

This great new benefit, flagged in our Summer 2014 Newsletter to all members, is now ready and open to members from Monday, 2 March 2015.  This great partnership provides financial members with access to free or discounted legal services.  The agreement is with Hall Payne Lawyers.

Who is Hall Payne Lawyers?
They are the lawyers that have undertaken all work for Federal ASMOF for the last ten years and were also absolutely crucial in providing legal support and advice in the doctors’ contract dispute last year in Queensland.

What legal services do they provide?
Hall Payne Lawyers provide the following legal services:


Employment and industrial law

Personal Injury and Accident Claims

Defamation law

Equal opportunity law

Coronial inquests and Commissions of inquiry

Coronial inquests and inquiries

Professional conduct and discipline

Workers compensation

Administrative law

Family law

Immigration law

Property law

Wills and estates

Superannuation and TPD claims


What services or discounts will members get?
It includes:

  • a free, untimed, initial consultation with a member in respect of any legal matter (upon proper referral by ASMOF);
  • a 10% discount on Hall Payne Lawyer’s standard rates if the member seeks to use any of its legal services;
  • free simple wills; and
  • discounted Enduring Powers of Attorney.

 All costs after the initial free consultation will be the personal responsibility of members, unless specific authorisation has been obtained from the ASMOF NSW Executive Director.

How can a member access these services?
You will need to contact the ASMOF NSW office on 9212 6900 during business hours to have a referral form completed, which will ensure that financial members are given timely initial contact and follow-up from Hall Payne Lawyers.  (Remember, you will need to be a financial member to access this service and have a referral from the ASMOF office.)

Confidentiality assured
If a member engages Hall Payne Lawyers to undertake representation in a matter, subsequent to the first free consultation, that arrangement will be subject to the same confidentiality provisions for any solicitor-client relationship.

ASMOF NSW will only receive consolidated quantitative data of a de-identified nature solely for the purpose to measure, for example, popularity and timeliness of the services provided.

This is distinguishable from those occasions when ASMOF NSW itself may engage Hall Payne Lawyers (and/or other Legal Counsel) to provide advice or conduct representation for a member (or members) in relation to a workplace related matter.  In those situations, ASMOF NSW is the engaging party for such services.