Have you moved to a different hospital? You might have been underpaid.



We frequently find errors in Medical Officers pay when there is a term changeover mid pay cycle, such as when you are working in two different Hospitals/LHDs in the pay cycle or even moving from the Anaesthetics Dept to PICU. Recently a Registrar was impacted when he moved from one roster to another roster within the same hospital. Another Registrar worked in three hospital in two weeks.

The underpayments we find can be in the thousands of $$ and we always seek to recover these wages for members. Keep in mind that if you work more than 80 ordinary hours a fortnight you need to be paid at overtime rate.

If you have any concerns you may not be being paid for your overtime, do not hesitate to reach out.

ASMOF also regularly run education sessions to teach you your award entitlements and how to audit your pay. We are happy to run out of hours sessions if that is your preferred option.

If you would like a session at your workplace and/or via zoom please contact us at allocation@asmof.org.au.