Health Delegation Meets with NSW Health Minister


ASMOF and the other Health Unions met with the Hon. Minister Brad Hazzard and MP Gareth Ward to discuss the privatisation of Shellharbour and Port Kembla Hospitals.

As members may recall from the previous article, Mr Ward has pledged his support for the campaign and to keep Shellharbour and Port Kembla Hospitals Public.

The meeting was attended by Senior Staff Specialists, Dr Geoff Murray and Dr Maureen Lonergran, as well as Industrial Officer Damien Lee. In addition, delegates and officials from the Nurses, HSU and the Shellharbour Port Kembla Public Hospital Community Group.

The delegation packed Minister Hazzards’ office to highlight the ongoing fear and instability felt by staff, the impact privatisation will have on the workers and patients, and to ask when will we get an announcement.

We thanked the Health Minister for continuing to engage with the union, and the community. Mr Hazzard noted that he appreciates the delay is impacting on the community, health workers and the running of the hospital and has made the commitment to “try” to get an announcement by “mid-November”.

While we thanked the Minister for this commitment, the delegation made it clear that the community and staff will not accept anything less than a public hospital. If the Minister pursues a private or a not-for-profit operator, the unions and the community, will continue to escalate our fight for publicly funded and operated hospital.

If you would like to get involved in a similar way, please contact Industrial Officer Damien Lee via, or contact the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.