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Do you know we were able to use the results from last year’s Hospital Health Check to win improvements to safe working hours for Doctors in Training?

NSW Health had resisted our claims to address the key risks affecting the health and wellbeing of Doctors in Training – shift length and breaks between shifts.

It was when we presented NSW Health and the LHD’s with the results of the first Hospital Health Check which showed that existing work practices are a significant risk factor in the health and wellbeing of JMOs that they finally took notice.

This lead to policy changes which mandates that Doctors in Training could not work more than 14 hours in one shift and that they must have a 10-hour break between each shift.

We are very excited about the changes we can achieve with the information we get form the second Hospital Health Check.

So, if you are a doctor in training complete the survey today.

If you aren’t a Doctor in Training we want you to promote the Hospital Health Check by asking all the junior doctors you know to complete the survey. All you need to do is forward them this link:

The survey takes 5 minutes to complete the survey and all doctors-in-training who complete the survey could win one of 4x $250 cash cards!