HNELHD Christmas Close down



ASMOF has received correspondence from the HNELHD regarding their proposed Christmas close down arrangements. 

The close down period will be between Monday 25 December 2017 to Sunday 7 January 2018

HNELHD has advised that generally all staff will be required to take leave during this time with only minimal, essential staff rostered on duty.

Staff who do not have enough accrued leave or who do not wish to take leave due to individual circumstances can request to be transferred to another department or unit provided that their skills are transferable.   

Attached for your information are individual LHD Service staffing and activity arrangements over the Christmas 2017 - New Year 2018 period. HNELHD have advised that the schedules may be subject to change due to service requirements and staff will be consulted if this is the case.

Members should review the schedules to ensure that there is adequate staffing for your department. 

Please provide any comments and/or concerns to Industrial Organiser Kerrie Seymour via email