HNELHD HealthRoster Pay Period Confirmation (PPC)


ASMOF has received correspondence from Kim Nguyen Executive Director HNELHD regarding transitioning to Healthroster.  Currently over 102,000 staff are being paid via Healthroster. 

The roster rollout will include the implementation of Healthrosters “Pay Period Confirmation” (‘PPC’) functionality.  The PPC function will commence with Healthroster Go Live in late April

The Healthroster PPC is a tool for employees and managers.  It allows staff to confirm their roster is accurate and feedback any discrepancies and allows management to rectify the roster prior to it being implemented.  

HNELHD has advised that there are a number of further benefits for employees;

  • PPC will replace the need for time sheets (paper and electronic) for most staff and services
  • PPC can be accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere where internet connection and a compatible browser is available
  • PPC is accessible to all employees via HealthRoster Employee on-line (an employee self-service function) using StaffLink login details.

Staff can confirm their roster multiple times within their pay period in PPC, however Employees must confirm their roster by the Thursday before the end of the pay period.     

A fact sheet for employees has been provided with the correspondence for ASMOF’s review and comments.  On reviewing the FACT sheet  ASMOF has identified a concern under “Roster Errors Identified After Pay Processing” which advises that where an employee or manager failed to fulfil their PPC accountabilities, the retrospective adjustment/s will be treated as a non-priority, where changes will be sent to Healthshare for processing with the next available pay (exceptional circumstances may be considered).  We believe that this is a breach of Award provisions in that if your underpayment is equal to or more than one days gross base payment, it shall be rectified within 3 working days. 

The FACT sheet also advises, that an employee who fails to confirm their roster by the deadline, an email will be sent from management requesting PPC completion by the employee as a matter of urgencyRepeated failure to comply with PPC accountabilities will result in corrective counselling.  

ASMOF has concerns that busy medical officers may through no fault of their own, miss the deadline and will be potentially subject to unreasonable/unwarranted corrective counselling. ASMOF have sought clarification regarding this matter. 

In light of the above, ASMOF is seeking comments/concerns from members by close of business Wednesday 14 March 2018.  All comments and concerns should be forwarded to Kerrie Seymour via email