Hospital Health Check, 2019


The Hospital Health Check survey for 2019 is nearing its close-off day and we need you to help promote it!

Collectivising is not a new idea for a Union, which is why the Hospital Health Check has already scored some fantastic win’s for our JMOs in the two years its been out. Drawing on the JMOs desire for change, we’ve been able to aid with the following:

  • Limit rostered shifts to a maximum 14 hours
  • Provide minimum 10 hour breaks between rostered shifts
  • Review rosters, unsafe working hours and barriers to claiming overtime with incoming policy changes to make it easier to claim unrostered overtime
  • Work harder to eliminate discrimination in recruitment
  • Review parental leave policies

Its just the beginning of what we can do together to improve conditions for Junior Medical Officers and Seniors!

As we near the countdown to the 11th of August, we’d like you to aid by asking all JMO’s “ Have you taken the survey yet?