Hunter Retrieval Dispute




This matter resulted from HNELHD rostering Retrievalists outside of the hours provided by Normal Duties (i.e. 7.00am to 6.00 pm Monday- Friday) without the payment of Penalties which apply to shift workers, albeit are confined at present to Emergency Medicine.

ASMOF notified of a dispute to the Industrial Relations Commission, which was the subject two conferences on 16th December & 11th January.

Commissioner Stanton issued a formal Recommendation on 19th January 2017 which noted that  “the Award fails to recognise the 24/7 operational requirements and industrial importance of Staff Specialists engaged in retrieval medicine” and recommended that the parties, including the Ministry of Health (who have not chosen to participate in any meaningful discussion about this matter to date) meet at the earliest opportunity with a view to reaching agreement on a variation to the Award which would correct the current inequity..

ASMOF has written to the Ministry inviting them to confer as a matter of priority, noting that the Commissioner has stood the matter over for 21 days.

Further reports will be issued when the meeting foreshadowed in the Recommendation is arranged.