Hunter Retrieval Dispute Update





ASMOF Executive Director Andrew Holland & Senior Industrial Advisor Bob Morgan met with Senior Ministry of Health and HNELHD Workforce staff on 8th February 2017 to progress the dispute regarding the non-payment of shift penalties to Retrievalists in Hunter Retrieval as directed by Commissioner Stanton and referred to in an earlier report.

ASMOF had provided on a without prejudice basis a draft discussion document to assist the discussions.

The meeting was significant as it was the first occasion on which the Ministry directly involved itself in the dispute.

ASMOF raised the issues of equity, the deficiency in the Award as it currently stands in respect of the limitation on shift work, the obvious breach of the Award in its current form and also operative date of any agreed change. in the meeting. We also emphasised the patience and good will of the Retrievalists who had been trying to resolve this matter locally for some twelve months before ASMOF was forced to notify the dispute.

Various methods of addressing the problem were discussed including a consent variation to the Award, or application of a Determination, as has been done in some other areas.

At the conclusion of the meeting the Ministry undertook to provide a considered response to ASMOF within a short period (days rather than weeks).

ASMOF will provide a further update when  that response from the Ministry is received.