Hurricane Irma and flight warnings (QBT)



The now named 'hurricane Irma' was once a storm, building from from the Cape Verde islands off the northwestern coast of Africa. Gaining momentum and power to a category 4 (Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale) storm, just four days ago in the Caribbean near Puerto Rico.

It has strengthened to a Category 5 storm over the Atlantic Ocean, with maximum winds blowing at an astounding 185 mph (295 km/h) as it heads towards the southeastern portion of the United States of America (Florida).

Qantas Business Travel (QBT) has alerted the ASMOF Office that there will be major disruptions to air, ground and sea travel expected to commence from today for any travellers flying to, from or through Florida.

The company has issued the following advice to Members:

"Those travelling to, from or through Florida from 7 September onwards may face extensive delays, flight cancellations and other major disruptions to ground and sea travel"

"If you are travelling to, from or through Florida from 7 September onwards, please check your flight status by calling your dedicated 1300 number. Due to the erratic nature of the hurricane, it is advised that travellers reschedule flights as weather conditions pose a safety risk. If you are in the vicinity, please follow the directions of local emergency teams."

You will find the appropriate 1300 number amongst your travel itenery details.