Yesterday we shared the disappointing news that the Commission has awarded an 0.3% pay increase to all public sector workers. If you missed the message from ASMOF NSW President Dr Tony Sara, you can read it here.

We would like to thank those members who have shared their response to the decision. Although the Bench requested that their ‘decision should in no way be seen as a reflection on the value of the contribution made by employees in the Government sector’, it is clear that our members are feeling devalued by the NSW Government right now.

This is especially devaluing for our doctors in training, who have already gone from amongst the best paid in Australia to the worst as a result of the NSW Government’s Wages Policy.

This morning we met with public sector Unions to discuss our next steps and the implications of this decision for future salary increases. Whilst this is a 1 year provision it sets an alarming precedent. Our legal options are limited but are being carefully considered. We have agreed that there will be a united and collective approach moving forward and we will be meeting again soon to plan our response.

It was great to see over 800 doctors sign onto our petition to stop the wage freeze, and many doctors shared powerful messages about the impact of a wage freeze. Our campaigns are driven by our members and we want to hear from you to inform our next steps for action. Please share any thoughts you have on this decision by emailing nswpresident@asmof.org.au or filling our this contact form for consideration at our next State Council meeting.