Important Reminder - Annual General Meeting


Your chance to hear the latest and have a say on 19 February 2013.   

As notified previously, the ASMOF Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 19 February 2013, commencing at 6pm.  

The AGM provides an opportunity for members to hear first-hand reports from the President and Executive Director of ASMOF on the events of the last twelve months, and also discuss the challenges confronting members in the coming year. It also provides of course an opportunity to have your say and be part of the dialogue about how ASMOF and its members will confront the many challenges ahead in the most positive and effective manner.

This AGM will be one of considerable significance.  It gives pause to reflect on the past twelve months of achievement and challenge.  It also effectively marks the halfway point of the current NSW Government (and that of its policies in health and industrial relations).  What would the report card say?  Later this year a federal election is due.  No doubt health and the relationship between the Commonwealth and the States/Territories will - as always - be a significant issue of debate and discussion for the electorate to consider.  Health budgets appear under the spotlight and pressure throughout the country.  NSW is no exception.  What will the next 12-18 months hold, especially as we plunge further into new funding arrangements? 

Closer to home, ASMOF in NSW will continue to ‘bed down’ the opportunities, and responsibilities, it now carries in being the Doctors’ Union for all Doctors.  The next twelve months will see ASMOF continue to expand its services and representations on behalf of Interns, Residents and Registrars following the successful change to our rules at the end of last year.  

ASMOF State Council actively encourages your participation in the AGM.  

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