Inquiry into Health outcomes in Regional NSW - We want your feedback


The NSW Legislative Council is currently conducting an inquiry into Health outcomes and access to health and hospital services in rural, regional and remote NSW. ASMOF is preparing a submission and we would like to get your feedback.

We know that rural, regional and remote health services have been under resourced and understaffed for far too long.

The recent media attention around the woman who bled to death in an emergency department of a regional NSW hospital because of the replacement of medical staff with telehealth shone a light on the systemic failures in regional health. The move to leave regional hospitals without on-site ED cover is a failure of service provision an presents an enormous risk to patient and staff safety.

We want to hear from you about your of experience in regional health, and any feedback you have relating to the terms of reference, which you can read here.

The terms of reference are very broad and allows for a submission that may cover issues including but not limited to:

  • Understaffing and under-resourcing
  • The difficulty of attracting Senior Medical Staff
  • Lack of recognition for administrative support
  • Onerous workloads for JMO’s
  • Failure to provide adequate accommodation
  • Exorbitant pressure on emergency departments
  • Lengthy wait-times
  • Restricted training opportunities
  • An inadequate telehealth model of care

Additionally, the terms of reference invite submissions relating to the access and availability of oncology treatment and palliative care services in rural, regional and remote NSW.

We are seeking your feedback to guide the submission. Your voice, and that of your colleagues, is valued and sought. Please email your comments to us at

ASMOF also plans to hold an online meeting with regional, rural and remote members. We will be in contact soon with the details of this meeting.