International Workers’ Memorial Day – 28 April 2019


Sunday 28 April 2019 is International Workers' Memorial Day. This is a day the union movement will come together to reflect and remember the thousands of workers who are tragically killed in their workplaces each year.

It was just earlier this month we were deeply saddened to hear of the tragic death of a teenage apprentice in a workplace accident in Macquarie Park, Sydney. We thank the emergency services workers and our members at RNSH who were involved in providing treatment for the victim and his colleague. We send our sincerest condolences to the family of young man killed in this event.

ASMOF calls on all in our community to show respect for fallen workers and to promote workplace safety.

Here are some ways ASMOF members can show respect for International Workers Memorial Day.


  • Hold a moment’s silence at your workplace.
  • Attend an IWMD Service.
  • Take a moment at work to discuss this issue with your colleagues and think about ways you can make your workplace safer.


ASMOF encourages all our members to play an active role in workplace safety. We are all too aware of the problems being faced by JMOs in relation to unsafe hours, bullying and harassment. Staff Specialists and CMOs are not immune to these issues.

ASMOF is fighting to improve workplace safety in the health sector but every member of staff has a role to play. We all need to be involved in changing the culture and looking out for each other. If you see something unsafe occurring in the workplace, call it out and do not be a bystander. Group norms play an important role in setting and changing norms and behaviour. Management has the legal responsibility to ensure work health and safety so notify the relevant person of the issue so they can take appropriate steps to minimise risks.

If you have concerns about a work health and safety issue at your hospital, then contact ASMOF immediately who will escalate the issue with management.