Is that the truth? Or did you read it in the Daily Telegraph?


Members may be aware the Daily Telegraph this week ran a piece criticising TESL arrangements for Staff Specialists.

The article was lazy, caviler and lowest common denominator ‘journalism’ at its worst.

There was no analysis of the Auditor General report it was based on and there was no attempt to contact the union so we could explain the history and importance of TESL.

No wonder the Essential Media poll has found the Daily Telegraph Australia’s least trusted newspaper since 2011.

TESL has been an award entitlement for over 20 years. It is an essential entitlement that allows for staff to remain up to date and can attend international conferences, so they can bring the benefits back to the health system. We all know that all TESL requests are vetted to ensure that the conferences are relevant to the hospital and the Staff Specialist and finally, and most importantly all Staff Specialists at all levels bring in revenue well in excess of the TESL allowance for the hospital system.

ASMOF congratulates NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard who said it was important medical staff were given benefits, so NSW Health could retain the brightest and best doctors’. It does not sound from the article like the minster is going to drive change.

However, ASMOF is bitterly disappointed with the Opposition health spokesman Walt Secord who has naively called for an independent external review of the travel policy. If members are also disappointed with the Opposition spokesperson we encourage you to email him here

ASMOF will continue to fight to defend TESL and support all members in accessing their entitlement.