ISLHD – Getting Back on Track, Resolving Unsatisfactory Performance




ISLHD has written to ASMOF and the other health unions, advising that they have re-released the processes for managing underperformance, and developed a series of tools and resources to support staff and managers to manage this process.

They have advised that their focus remains supporting staff who may not be performing to get back on track as quickly as possible.

The communication has gone to our managers, with supporting information available on the ISLHD Intranet. We have been advised that further advice will be provided to staff on this, through local education and information sessions, coordinated by the Workforce Support Teams.

If members have any comments, please contact Kerrie Seymour via email

ISLHD - Getting back on track ISLHD - Getting back on track (616 KB)

ISLHD - Talking about performance ISLHD - Talking about performance (589 KB)