Maitland MP Jenny Aitchinson is preparing her debate in the NSW Parliament for September 14, 2017, on the privatisation of Maitland Hospital with a not-for-profit provider. As members will recall, the community of Maitland provided over 12,000 signatures, which triggered the debate in Parliament.

The proposal appears to be nothing like Newcastle’s Calvary Mater Hospital or Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, which are required as conditions of funding to follow the same clinical Policy Directives and equivalent industrial arrangements as NSW public hospitals.

Recently, Executive Director of ASMOF, Andrew Holland, spoke to members about examples across the state whereby not-for-profit Hospitals have consistently tried to undermine conditions of consultants through their Enterprise Agreement negotiations.

He noted examples at other not-for-profit Hospitals, such as Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, who actively attempted to reduce the TESL entitlement of Staff Specialists far below the standards set by NSW Health in the public system. While ASMOF was successful in ensuring that did not occur, Mr Holland raised concern that a not-for-profit operator in Maitland may explore similar options to cut costs, which will be to the detriment of our members’ clinical practice, and the patients that rely on their service.

ASMOF, and the other health unions, have been on the ground securing more signatures, noting that another 10,000 signatures will force a second debate on the matter. Moreover, it will highlight to the Minister of Health, the Hon. Brad Hazzard, that privatising Maitland Hospital is not in the interest of the community and not in the interest of the Doctors.

We need to get more petitions signed, if you can, or know anyone who would like to, help with this please contact Industrial Officer Damien Lee on 9212 6900, or via email on

Get your petition pack now from Jenny Atchison’s office, Church Street, Maitland.

You can start with your family, friends and neighbours.

Further, as noted above, Jenny Aitchinson will be debating the privatisation of the Hospital in Parliament on September 14, 2017. If you would like to join your fellow colleagues on our bus trip to NSW Parliament House, and attend alongside our industrial staff, please contact Industrial Officer Damien Lee via the details above.

As always, the Doctors’ Union will continue to campaign for a properly funded public Hospital in Maitland which will promote and protect the conditions of our members, ensure that our junior doctors are properly trained, and continues to provide safe patient care.