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  1. Parental Leave Portability for Medical Officers

ASMOF refers to our news article last week where we sought your feedback on the proposed Determination provided by NSW Ministry of Health.

Our feedback to the Ministry is available here. The Ministry has acknowledged our feedback and has advised they will endeavour to have a response to ASMOF as soon as possible.

We would like to thank our members for providing your prompt feedback, particularly during the short window for consultation.

We will continue to keep you apprised of any developments with this significant matter.

For any further queries regarding this matter please direct them to

  1. Unrostered Overtime – Win – ISLHD

Members will recall our recent article where we notified you of our win on significant concessions from NSW Health regarding unrostered overtime for medical officers (DiTs). The revised Employment Arrangements for Medical Officers in the NSW Public Health Service Policy Directive (Policy Directive). In particular, our win in respect of 5 areas of unrostered overtime that do not require prior approval are for:

  • Late ward rounds
  • Hospital-based mandatory training
  • Completion of outstanding transfer / discharge summaries
  • Clinical handover
  • Hospital-based outpatient clinics.

What happened at ISLHD?

Last week members contacted ASMOF advising that ISLHD had amended their timesheets to incorporate the Ministry’s template claim form for JMOs to claim unrostered overtime. This change mandated that a JMO have a relevant Consultant sign off on their timesheet before it is submitted, after unrostered overtime work was performed including for categories 9.1.1 to 9.1.9 of PD2019_027 where prior approval to work that unrostered overtime was not required.

ASMOF escalated this matter and advised ISLHD that:

  1. A relevant Consultant sign off after work is undertaken before the fortnightly timesheet is submitted, in respect of categories 9.1.1 to 9.1.9 of PD2019_027 is inconsistent or at odds with the intention of clauses 9.1 and 9.4 of this respective policy directive;
  2. ISLHD should consider alternate methods to be aware of and monitor the unrostered overtime worked and paid to a JMO;
  3. We acknowledge that clause 9.4 of this policy states “Health Agencies and Facilities must use an appropriate method to ensure Department Heads and other service managers (as appropriate) are aware of the level of unrostered overtime that has been worked and paid. While Department Heads and service managers are to be kept informed of unrostered overtime, their approval is not required for payment to be made.”
  4. Our position is that a relevant Consultant would be captured by this provision and therefore a Consultant’s signature for approval after work in respect of the unrostered categories 9.1.1 to 9.1.9 is not necessary in order for payment of that UROT to be made.

As a result of our advocacy, ISLHD have this week agreed and notified ASMOF that a relevant Consultant need not sign a JMO’s timesheets before submission if a JMO makes a claim for any category of unrostered overtime under this policy directive where prior-approval is not required. ISLHD has confirmed that the timesheets will be received by the Medical Workforce Unit and processed accordingly, and will then be sent to relevant managers after the event for review of hours worked.

ASMOF has thanked ISLHD for their prompt resolution of this matter.

ASMOF will continue to seek culture change around claiming overtime because it is only when we get the price signal of overtime that we can reduce it from the unacceptable and arduous levels that it is at in many work places.

If any JMOs in other districts encounter any similar challenges in claiming any unrostered overtime worked, please contact