JMO Wellbeing- can you make a difference?


There is a growing recognition that our junior doctors are experiencing unacceptable levels of workplace stress which can lead to or exacerbate mental health issues. As the need for a culture shift in medicine is increasingly being accepted, more doctors are speaking out. This week Dr Steve Robson, President of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, shared his personal story about his suicide attempt as an intern. Dr Robson is calling for doctors to see mental health issues as an occupational hazard, rather than a source of shame. 

Through the Alliance for Doctors-in-Training ASMOF continues to advocate for better conditions for JMOs, including safe working hours which can reduce stress and fatigue. We will soon be visiting hospitals across NSW to promote the results of the Alliance’s 2018 Hospital Health Check Survey, which is currently being finalised. Last year’s survey found that most DiTs rated their hospital’s support for their mental health and wellbeing fair or worse, with 31% rating it poor or very poor.


JMO Be Well  Program

As part of their commitment to improving JMO wellbeing and support, NSW Health have announced funding for new initiatives through the JMO Be Well program. If you have an idea for a project that could improve JMO wellbeing, training and supervision we encourage you to apply for this funding.

NSW Health are seeking to fund initiatives which address:

  • health, exercise, sleep, nutrition
  • fatigue reduction & access to breaks
  • mental health
  • improved rostering, including unrostered overtime and callbacks
  • safe training environments
  • better supervision practices
  • improved amenities such as on call rest facilities
  • return to work programs (for those who have long term leave)
  • productivity innovations which save JMOs' time and streamline their work.

Individual doctors or teams, including JMOs & SMOs, can apply for funding with sign off from their Chief Executive. Up to $80k funding per project is available this financial year, and major projects can be funded over the next three years to a max of $240k. Funding can be used for project staffing, backfill, IT, refurbishment/facilities, events, communications and marketing and other activities and materials.

You can read more about JMO Be Well and how to apply here . Applications close 9 November 2018.