Join ASMOF to Scrap the Wage Cuts


Monday 16 November is a day of action on wage cuts and we encourage our members to show their support ! Join ASMOF at the ‘Scrap the Wage Cut Rally’ at noon at NSW Parliament. Full details on the Facebook event page here.

The public sector pay cuts are now here to stay. The ABC has reported that the NSW Government is planning for just a 1.5% wage increase in the 2020-21 State Budget, instead of the usual 2.5% increase.

ASMOF stands alongside other public sector unions in opposing these cuts, and we need your support. The pandemic has clearly shown us the value of our public health services, and we have relied on our public sector employees to navigate our way through this safely. We now need to stand up for our profession and all employees of NSW Health.

On the day before the NSW Budget is handed down, public sector employees will be taking action across NSW to protest the cuts.

If you are interested in attending the rally please email Richard Thompson at who will be coordinating ASMOF attendance at the rally.

Conditions of Participation for the rally are - here