Know Your Rights: Parental Leave (DiT)


Under clause 17, Part C of the Public Hospitals Medical Officers (State) Award 2019, a DiT whose spouse or partner is pregnant or is adopting a child is entitled to a period of parental leave of 52 weeks, which includes 1 week of paid parental leave.

The week of paid parental leave can be taken at any time within the 52 weeks.

The period of the 52 weeks of leave that is not paid parental leave (i.e. the other 51 weeks of leave) is known as extended parental leave.

Extended parental leave cannot be taken at the same time the employee’s spouse/partner is taking maternity/adoption leave except under subclause (i)(a) of Part D, Right to Request.

Under subclause (i)(a) of Part D, an employee can request the employer to take simultaneous extended parental leave whilst their spouse/partner is on maternity/adoption leave for up to a maximum of 8 weeks.

The requirements for making an application for parental leave are set out under subclause (iv) of Part C which include amongst others, the requirement to provide a statutory declaration noting your spouse or partner’s intended maternity/adoption leave, and that you intend to be the primary care giver.

If you are have difficulties accessing your parental leave or would like to know more, please contact ASMOF on (02) 9212 6900 or email


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