Landmark University of Sydney study released on Women and the Future of Work

Sydney recently celebrated International Women's Day with a march in the city. It was a day to recognise the success and contributions of women around the world.

However, it is also a time to think about where we have achieved success and where else we need to see change in the realm of gender equality.

A recently released study serves to highlight why we need to keep our foot on the accelerator when it comes to equality.

The landmark study was conducted by leading academics at Sydney University and was based on qualitative and quantitative research of more than 2100 women and 500 men.

Key findings include:
  • One in ten working women (10%) have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Less than a third of women surveyed (31%) thought men and women were treated equally in the workplace; in contrast 50% of men thought this is the case.
  • However, when asked to think about their own job, women were more positive, with 61% saying that they experienced gender equality. A slight majority of working women (58%) said there was equal opportunity for promotion, and 58% agreed there was equal access to leadership roles for both men and women.
  • just over half (53%) believed gender equality in the workforce would improve over the next decade and a third (34%) felt it would remain the same.
  • On this topic, men and women shared similar viewpoints. Working women reported that discrimination on the basis of cultural background was more pronounced than was gender-based discrimination.
  • Only 28% agreed that all Australians were treated equally in the workplace, irrespective of their cultural background. However, 43% believed that, in terms of equality, the experience of workers with different cultural backgrounds would improve
The study paints a sobering picture of lived experiences of women in Australian workplaces and is a reminder why change is needed to progress greater gender equality.

A link to the full report can be located here: