Lawyers reveal flimsy evidence behind wage freeze



If there was any doubt in your mind that a public sector wage freeze was a bad idea, there wouldn’t be after hearing from our experts at last night’s forum.

Whilst our 3 speakers covered different topics, they all agreed that a wage freeze makes absolutely no economic sense.

In fact, the economic rationale provided by the NSW Government, was not evidence-based at all, and was riddled by flaws.

Thanks to all those who joined our forum and if you missed it, a recording of the meeting is now online: here

A special thank you to the Hon Adam Searle, El Leverington and Luke Forsyth for joining us and providing valuable insight into the case against the wage freeze.

The Hon Adam Searle spoke to the valuable contribution of doctors and workers on the frontline and behind the scenes of the pandemic. He highlighted that there was no evidence that the wage freeze was going to support infrastructure projects as the Government claimed, and confirmed Labor’s position against the current Governments wages policy, which has constricted public and private sector wage growth for almost a decade.

Luke Forsyth from Hall Payne Lawyers spoke about our case in the Commission, and outlined how Emergency Department Heads and doctors in training gave evidence as to why doctors should get a pay rise. Describing ASMOF member’s evidence as ‘effective and powerful’ he spoke to the demoralising impact a wage freeze would have on doctors. He confirmed that after doing a comparison of all Awards across Australia, doctors in training in NSW are the worst paid, which already poses challenges to morale and retention.

El Leverington presented the economic evidence underpinning our case in the Commission, highlighting how a small boost to wages encourages spending and helps to support our economy. She noted that the NSW Government were unable to justify their savings figure in the proceddings, and were not even clear on which employees wages were being frozen.

The outcome is not expected for weeks and possibly months, but we need to keep the pressure on. Sign the petition to stop the wage freeze here.