Legal action for doctors in training


ASMOF is preparing to launch a major legal case to change the Award and end the damaging culture of unsafe hours for doctors in training.

You have all experienced the pressures of working unreasonable – and illegal – hours and you know the toll this places on both you and the patients in your care.

Your Council has endorsed a legal and industrial strategy which we will be rolling out over the coming weeks. This strategy – designed to deal with the issue of unsafe hours once and for all - is separate to a note you may have received in recent days from a private law firm.

We will be organising a briefing on the legal case and our strategy in the coming weeks and be reaching out to you through your elected representatives to actively engage with our campaign.

If you are a currently doctor in training who has worked unpaid overtime, or were a doctor in training and worked unpaid overtime in the past 6 years, we encourage you to fill out this form to be contacted by our legal team.