Maitland Celebration


On Tuesday 13 February, ASMOF Officials met with our Doctors in Maitland to celebrate the win to Keep Maitland Hospital Public.

It was great to talk to our Junior and Senior Doctors about their excitement for the success of the campaign, what the victory means to them, and importantly, what clinical services they will be seeking with the $450 million dollar funding from the Government.

Executive Director Andrew Holland noted how significant this win was for the doctors and the union.

"We cannot underestimate the importance of this win for you, our members. Rarely does the Government renege on their endeavours to privatise a public asset, let alone five regional hospitals", he said. 

He went further, noting, "By resisting the Government's ideological pursuit, you have secured a public hospital that will protect the training of our JMOs, your entitlements and conditions, safe patient care, and an institution that will allow you to continue to uphold your moral and ethical obligation to care for the vulnerable patients of this community". 

"Thank you to all who fought and participated in this campaign. There is no doubt we would not have been successful without your powerful and influential voices."

To all our Doctors across the state who spoke up, we are proud and thankful to you.

ASMOF will continue to fight the NSW Government to increase public hospital funding and resist any effort to privatise our great public health system. We look forward to your continued support in defending it.

If you would like to get find out more, feel free to email, or call the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.