Maitland Hospital Privatisation Still Going Ahead



The NSW Government announced yesterday that a not-for-profit operator will run Maitland Hospital.

Painted as a win for the local community and staff, ASMOF, the Doctors’ Union says this is still a proposal to privatise Maitland Hospital – just with a not for profit.

This decision may see doctors’ entitlements and job security reduced and most worryingly provides no guarantees that the supervision and training of our junior doctors will be a top priority,” said Dr Tony Sara, ASMOF NSW President.

Staff concerns have not been addressed."

The proposal appears to be nothing like Newcastle’s Calvary Mater Hospital or Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, which are required as conditions of funding to follow the same clinical Policy Directives and equivalent industrial arrangements as NSW public hospitals.

Hospitals like St Vincent’s are subject to Agreements that employees receive the same rates and conditions as staff of the NSW Health Service”, said Dr Sara.

The doctors, nurses and other health professionals at Maitland will have no such guarantee.

The Doctors’ Union will continue to campaign for a properly funded public Hospital in Maitland which will promote and protect the conditions of our members and which will ensure that our junior doctors are properly trained.

If you would like to get involved in any way, please contact Industrial Officer Damien Lee via, or alternatively call the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.