Managing Misconduct Policy


Consultation back on track - your feedback sought.

As recently reported, changes to the way that alleged misconduct is investigated and dealt with are back on the table. In response to representations from public health unions at that time, the Ministry conceded that the proposed timeframe was inadequate and that a number of guidelines that underpinned the proposed new policy should be provided. 

Here we go ... the Ministry has now provided the proposed new policy for managing potential misconduct (which now also includes how suspension without pay will be ‘managed’), along with the fifteen (15) underpinning guidelines to the new policy. 

All the drafts can be accessed by clicking here.

Feedback is requested to us by Friday, 19 July 2013, which will allow ASMOF officers sufficient time to collate your thoughts and subsequently refine our response to the Ministry requested for the following week.  

Please send your feedback to