Mandatory Training means you must do it. If you must do it you must be paid!


Many of the current intake of Interns have advised that they are expected to complete on-line mandatory training in their own time.

ASMOF has raised this matter previously with the Ministry of Health, and believed that there was a common understanding: Mandatory training must be carried out either by being allocated sufficient time during ordinary working hours or by being paid overtime. This is made clear in section 9.1.7 Mandatory Training of PD 2019_027,Employment Arrangements for Medical Officers in the NSW Public Health Service; that is where a hospital has required an intern to complete mandatory training outside their normal working hours that overtime must be paid.

While the matter has been successfully addressed on a site by site basis by ASMOF staff when we are aware of the matter, we have sought to address the issue formally.

At the time of writing we are waiting for a reply to our letter of 24th January.

If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved promptly, ASMOF will refer the matter to the Industrial Relations Commission.

Any members who are experiencing difficulty in being paid to complete mandatory training should contact ASMOF for assistance.