Mass Meeting of Doctors in QLD


Doctors to meet next week regarding the attack on their employment rights.

The changes to overturn the collective rights and entitlements of doctors working in QLD has continued at a frenetic pace since last week’s update.  Draft contracts were released this week for a two week consultation period - the contracts that will now be the basis of employment conditions for QLD senior medical staff working in the health system after being pushed off their current award.

To check out the gravity of the changes being proposed, and the number of issues that remain unclarified or unstated, click on the below link.

SMO VMO Update Proposed contracts of employment SMO VMO Update Proposed contracts of employment (357 KB)

Significant media coverage continues to be received on the changes, and the inevitable damage it will do to the capacity of the QLD health system to attract and retain senior medical staff.

A meeting of senior medical staff is being organised by the Queensland branches of ASMOF and the AMA to ensure that doctors have their say on the proposed employment changes.  Click on the below link for the flyer to the meeting, which again highlights some of the key concerns.

2013.11.28 - Have your say on employment changes 2013.11.28 - Have your say on employment changes (105 KB)

As is often the case when significant change is being pursued, the first thing lost sight of is how it will impact on the well-being of the public health system and its capacity to provide increasing episodes of care - something only achievable by attracting and retaining medical staff of all clinical experiences and specialities.

It would seem a most perverse achievement for the QLD Government (and sadly for the community it represents) if its changes lead to a working environment characterised by distrust and reduced employment rights for doctors, which in turn leads to a brain drain from QLD to other states and territories.