Medical Officers' Award - Remote Recall






The Remote Clinical Appraisals provisionsof the of the Public Hospital Medical Officers’ Award are in the present form cumbersome and create a barrier to JMOs claiming payment, although they may be expected to, or be required to, respond to numerous phone calls afterhours. The current wording was developed from IRC proceedings to which ASMOF was unable to participate in, as it was conducted before we obtained Industrial coverage.

Some JMOs in this situation have reported receiving more than 20 phone calls overnight, but their Hospital unwilling to provide any payment. As discussion with LHDs and the Ministry were unable to resolve this matter, ASMOF notified the Industrial Relations Commission of a dispute.

Conciliation proceedings chaired by the IRC were unable to be resolve the issue, so it has been scheduled for Hearing at a date to be fixed. ASMOF has filed its evidence with the Industrial Relations Commission today (20th April 2018). A further report will be provided when this matter concludes.

ASMOF also expects to confirm meeting dates with the Ministry of Health in relation to the broader concerns with the JMO Award in the next couple of weeks.