Member Representation Policy



With over 11,000 members nationally and nearly 5000 members in NSW, the Australian Salaried Medical Officers’ Federation is a strong and dynamic union which represents the interests of salaried medical practitioners working in the public and non-government health systems.

We are the only Union which works exclusively for salaried doctors. We know the issues, the people and the sector and we can represent members in negotiations over pay and conditions, individual disputes, grievances, performance cases and change management issues. Membership also gives members access to a range of other benefits like low cost banking, Union Shopper, legal advice and quality travel and journey insurance.

But our strength lies in our members’ dedication and commitment to the provision and development of quality health services, and the Union’s role in defending and promoting members’ professional and employment rights.

Sometimes we will get applicants wanting to join with a pre-existing issue.

Resolving individual issues can use up a lot of union resources and the union would be financially unviable if a member only joined when they had a problem to be resolved.

The underlying principle is that income derived from Union fees should be spent on members who are committed to unionism and not on people who join the Union for convenience purposes only.

That is why we have developed a policy ( here ) which provides clarity to members about expectations of service and governs applicants joining with a pre-existing issue.

This Policy operates much like an insurance policy, in that generally, we do not deal with problems or issues that arose before a person joined the Union. However, the State Council, which is the elected leadership of the union, may grant an exemption where it is in the best interests of the Union and members in general to assist the applicant with their pre-existing issue.

To seek assistance for a pre-existing issue an applicant must declare the issue on their application for membership. The application will be considered by the State Council and they will decide whether we can assist or not.