Mentoring Program Volunteers




The ASMOF/AMA Alliance Mentoring program for 2017 will be commencing in April this year and we would like to invite you to take part in the program again in 2017.

The Mentoring Program is designed to provide a structured and supportive relationship that brings interns and experienced doctors together.

The program aims to advance interns’ chances of success by helping them to set and attain goals, expand their professional network, bolster their confidence and provide them with a sounding board for questions and concerns.
As a mentor for the program you will be matched up with an intern mentee.

The role of the mentor is to provide advice, experience, objectivity and support to the mentee, and provide, to the best of their ability, objective career advice and act as a positive role model.

The program will include:
  •  Mentor and Mentee matching plus introduction at the program launch
  •  Mentor and Mentee Action plan including program expectations and suggestions for success
  •  Mid-year review of progress
  •  End-year review and acknowledgement of participation certificate from ASMOF and AMA
If you would like to find out more about the ASMOF/AMA Alliance Mentoring Program or to be a Mentor in 2017 contact Evangelie Polyzos.

We are also seeking your feedback with regards to the program and would appreciate you taking five minutes to complete five questions by clicking on this link.