New role descriptions for Western NSW Local Health District staff



The Western NSW Local Health District has sent ASMOF a Fact Sheet titled ‘Position Description Changes 2017’.

The fact sheet explains that the District proposes to:
  • Move from Mercury e-Recruit to Human Capital Management (“HCM”) later this year. Western NSW is in the second wave of pilot sites for the HCM rollout. The first wave of sites involved HealthShare and e-Health, and
  • Make changes to position descriptions for staff to include the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. The capability framework is a new way of describing the capabilities you need to perform your job.
The Public Service Commission regards the implementation of integrated HCM systems as vital to the sector, particularly in the areas of performance development, capability and mobility.

Your position description is important in that it is:
  • a reference point for performance development and management
  • the basis for job evaluation
  • a source of information for job applicants
  • used in recruitment
  • a starting point for identification of learning and development activities
  • a basis for staff to assess potential next career steps through comparison of requirements.

Consultation is crucial
It is crucial that all position descriptions are accurate, and the best way of achieving this is to ensure that all members and ASMOF are properly consulted.

The District states that new PD templates will be adopted by existing staff through a consultation process. ASMOF and members need to make sure that this occurs.

Consultation should include:
  • providing you with both your existing position description and your new draft description
  • giving you relevant information so you can understand the new capability framework and position descriptions
  • allowing you enough time to fully consider the new descriptions and then make comment to management and/or ASMOF
  • management properly considering all comments made by members and ASMOF before finalising the new descriptions.

Please take the time to read the attached fact sheet and if you have any questions and/or concerns please contact Steve Teece at 9902 8157 or via email

You should also contact Steve if you would like ASMOF to attend a meeting with you and any colleagues affected by this process.