Northern Beaches Hospital - Enhanced Recognition of Service and Transfer Payment tax treatment


The Northern Sydney LHD has provided ASMOF with a letter regarding the Enhanced Recognition of Service and an update on the Transfer Payment tax treatment.

The key points:

  • permanent staff who transfer to Northern Beaches but return to a permanent position in the public hospital system within 12 months of leaving will be able to have their length of service recognised. So all service with NSW Health plus any service at Northern Beaches Hospital, will be counted towards entitlement to long service leave, sick leave, parental leave accrual or any future redundancy payment.
  • unused annual leave and long service leave will be paid out by your employer at Northern Beaches Hospital, but you will still be able to continue accruing the relevant leave.
  • any return to the public hospital system would be through the usual merit-based selection process that is open to everyone and should not be considered as a right to return.

Further NSW Health has asked the Australian Taxation Office to confirm this payment will be treated as an eligible termination payment for taxation purposes.

If members who are transferring to the Northern Beaches Hospital have any questions about this email us at