Northern Beaches Hospital privatisation



Three and a half years after the first announcement of the Northern Beaches privatisation and over two years after Healthscope was named as the provider, staff and the Health Unions are still waiting to get answers to critical questions about employee transitions, staffing arrangements and work conditions.

What we seek is simple – transparency and accurate information about the following:
  • the enforceability of employment conditions outlined in the deed between Healthscope and the NSW Government
  • the applicability of the transmission of business provisions contained in the Fair Work Act
  • the provision of a transfer payment
  • the applicability of the Government Sector Employment Amendment (Transfers to Non-Government Sector) Regulation 2016 (NSW), and
  •  the ability of Healthscope to further transfer employees transferring from the NSW Health Service to a third-party contractor.

And we seek a means to allow us to enforce employment conditions of members.

Late last year ASMOF and the other unions took NSW Health and the LHD to the state Industrial Relations Commission to try to get the answers.

Commissioner Newall said employees cannot be required to make a decision regarding a possible transfer of employment without having all the answers available.

 We still have not received these answers.

Because of this frustration the three Health Unions and Unions NSW held four joint member meetings this week at Manly and Mona Vale Hospitals.

The turnout at the meetings was impressive, with between 120 and 150 staff attending and endorsing the following motion:

“This meeting of employees commits to a campaign that aims to:
  1. Ensure the Award conditions currently worked under are protected and enforceable once the new hospital opens for all transferring employees;
  2. Ensure the additional commitments made to staff, including job guarantees and the transfer of certain policy matters, are enforceable;
  3. Ensure that every employee has a choice as to whether they transfer to the new hospital and that if they don’t they receive a job or a redundancy;
  4. Get answers to our questions regarding job matching in the new hospital as soon as possible; and
  5. Get answers to all their questions with sufficient time to weigh up all their options before having to make a decision.
Further, this meeting calls upon health unions to coordinate and resource such a campaign for the benefit of members and employees.”

Members have also endorsed a staff petition which can be accessed here