Northern Beaches Hospital Update


Northern Beaches Hospital (NBH) is meant to open on 31 October 2018.

But staff specialists who will migrate from Manly and Mona Vale to the new hospital are yet to be provided with their contracts. This is unacceptable and ASMOF has grave concerns for our members who are meant to start at the new hospital in five weeks.

We have now heard that Healthscope has spread rumours that the Union is responsible for holding up the issuing of the contracts.

This assertion is absolute nonsense.

We wrote to HealthScope/NBH several weeks ago saying the contracts should be issued. This week we have also written to NSW Health raising concerns that five weeks out from opening key members of the medical workforce do not have contracts. We also understand that most VMOs have no contracts and the contracts that have been offered are unacceptable.

ASMOF has been fighting hard to ensure that medical staff who migrate to NBH have their entitlements guaranteed and protected and we have told HealthScope that our overriding concern was ensuring that they meet their obligations to protect the conditions of migrating members.

The NSW Government has made a commitment to all migrating staff that all existing conditions and entitlements will be protected for two years. This includes a commitment that all accrued leave entitlements (including sick leave and TESL) will be transferred.

In addition, NBH Project Deed provides additional protection, including the following if a Staff Specialist is in receipt of the entitlement immediately prior to migration:

  • at least the Migrating Employee's current actual salary at the time of their Migration
  • the 17.4% special allowance
  • the abnormal working hours and recall allowance as per the Staff Specialists Determination
  • the Training Education and Study Leave and funding entitlement,
  • the rights of private practice, including the private practice allowance, as set out in Staff Specialists Determination
  • the Emergency Physicians allowance as set out in the Staff Specialist Emergency Physicians -Remuneration Arrangements for the period to June 2014

The only alternative, under the Project Deed, to replicating the above provisions is for NBH to enter into an agreement with Staff Specialists under which it is guaranteed they receive comparable, and no less favourable, entitlements.