Northern Beaches Redevelopment


More news provided on employment guarantees.

As members are aware, ASMOF had raised several questions with the Ministry & NSLHD re the redevelopment and commitments already made to staff that may elect to transfer to the new provider in 2018.  This followed consultation with potentially affected members by ASMOF.

ASMOF met recently again with NSLHD, where further feedback on employment transitional questions were made available.  Some of the key points provided verbally at the meeting included that the NSW Health Service - via its contract with the eventual private provider of services at the new Northern Beaches Hospital - will require as follows:

  1. Those staff who transition across with services to the new hospital to receive at the very least existing award terms and conditions, including salary, as it was at the time of transfer, with this ‘guarantee’ or test to be required to be met for a two year period only;

  2. For Staff Specialists, this guarantee will include some entitlements outside of the award itself, such as TESL, the Emergency Physician allowance, onerous hours clause for example that are contained in the Determination and related Policy Directives.

  3. However, the ‘mechanism’ to ensure that a Staff Specialist who transition across will receive the comparable value of such benefits remains to be determined i.e. for those who in affected services currently rely upon RoPP and No 2 Accounts to pay for TESL and the billable component of salary, for example, it is uncertain if this will be maintained or whether an alternative arrangements may be utilised i.e. an all up salary rate for example.

  4. At the conclusion of this two year period, the conditions of employment of staff who transitioned across will be subject to the terms and conditions negotiated or made available by the private provider.  This conceivably could be through existing or future federal enterprise agreements negotiated with the operator.  (This point is somewhat moot in that it is rather dependent on what attitude or approach any future private provider may wish to take, although subject to the requirement to ensure a seamless continuation of services).

  5. In conjunction with the above two year ‘guarantee’, any staff who transition across will also receive a two year guarantee of employment (excepting for serious misconduct and some other specified circumstances).

  6. JMOs will remain public health employees and the private provider will be required to facilitate rotations and learning experiences acceptable to NSLHD and set out in KPIs.

Public health unions are currently considering this latest information, although the two year guarantee in points 1 and 2 above is less than expected (or hoped for).

A further meeting is planned with NSLHD on 20 November to continue this dialogue.

Updates are being provided directly to potentially affected members in NSLHD.