NSW Health seeks to extinguish over award agreements for staff specialists


WSLHD has written to ASMOF to say it plans to discontinue a long-standing agreement it has with staff specialist radiologists.

The agreement provides for:

  • compensation for Radiologists reporting outside “normal duties” hours on weekends and public holidays;
  • arrangements to manage backlog of reporting; support for other hospitals in the LHD;
  • guaranteed non-clinical time for the Clinical Director, Director of Training and Clinical Auditor to ensure compliance with agreed KPIs;
  • guaranteed Right of Private Practice level.

There is a long history in NSW Health of the Union or groups of members entering into over-award (‘non-standard’) arrangements for remuneration or conditions of employment. The are many reasons why the over award agreements are entered into. Often to do with the retention of staff. All have been arrived at following negotiation, in some cases involving the Industrial Relations Commission.

The LHD has benefited & continues to benefit from this arrangement by having a reliable and professional service without causing onerous on-call or workload to the Staff Specialists.

ASMOF on behalf of members affected by this notice has invoked the status quo. We will not be rushed into accepting long standing agreements should be terminated.

If you have such an over award agreement, and your management advises that they intend to terminate it, contact ASMOF for assistance